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Strengthened by my experience and my engineering background, all the skills I have acquired will be at your disposal to advise, evaluate, carry out and support all your projects.

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Reflection, planning, realization

A project is not built overnight, whatever its nature, such as the development of an online shop, a launch page or a showcase site. Here are the three phases of development that I believe are necessary in every project.

The first phase, one of the most important, is the reflection of the project. What tools am I ready to use, what design fits my idea, what features the user should find etc...

The second phase is planning, it is always good to put a date on each stage of the project in time. The dates set will often depend on the complexity of the project, the actors involved in the project and above all your planning.

Finally, the third and last stage is simply the implementation. Thanks to the work done upstream, progress checks can easily be organised, in addition to correcting any elements that do not meet your expectations.

Services offered


Web 3.0 Development

Web 3.0 is the logical continuation of Web 2.0 but is identified by new technologies, particularly distributed networks. It has many advantages such as transparency, security, decentralisation and trust. The proposed development will maximise the transition to Web 3.0 while respecting the three pillars of sustainable development which are economy, ecology and society. The objective is to contribute to building a global web that is open, ethical, productive, equitable and inclusive.


It's not always easy to think about when our project requires technical skills in its development. Thanks to my experience and expertise, every possibility will be explored and I will provide support in the implementation of your final solution. Let's take the example of someone who wants to create an e-commerce site. A complete development is not necessary since today easy to use solutions, such as Shopify or Prestashop are adapted to the initial need.

Custom development

More specific developments can be made. For example the implementation of artificial intelligence models, chatbots, automation of tests / repetitive tasks, development of smart contracts, automated data processing.



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There are two ways to contact me. Either send me an email directly via the button below. Or fill in the form. In order to prepare the estimate, explain in your message your idea in a precise and detailed way. A meeting will be proposed in order to present the estimate and the tailor-made solution adapted to your project.